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GTA 5: Guide to find Peyote Plant Locations

As we know, there are a total of 23 GTA 5 peyote plant areas to locate in the game. They are available in a small size, which means there’s is no chance to find one by accident. However, if you are looking for these plants as well, no need to be fret.

Source:- GTA 5: Guide to find Peyote Plant Locations

Here is the guide that will help to reach these locations with ease. 

  • Mount Chiliad: Use the cable car and navigate to the southeast path and search against the pair of tiny red flags at the top of Mount Chiliad.
  • Pacific Ocean: Head towards N.O.O.S.E east side headquarters and then sail or swim to the small island to get this plant.
  • La Puerta/Chamberlain Hills: Locate the baseball ground and search for the plants behind the batting cage between the trees.
  • Alamo Sea: Navigate to the northwest next to an outcrop rounded land.
  • Raton Canyon: Gamers will require a helicopter to arrive at the rocky outcrop top and then get the Peyote plant present in the middle of Raton Canyon.
  • El Burro Heights: Head towards south scrapyard and then move to the west side car park.
  • Mount Gordo: Pursue the way through Mount Gordo and search at the tree base by the lake.
  • Los Santos International Airport: Search against the wrecked bug and forklift.
  • Vinewood Hills: Look for some bushes near the road going to the Galileo Observatory.
  • Pacific Ocean: Find the underwater peyote at the far end of Del Perro Pier. Go to the concrete pillar and dive down to the base.
  • Ron Alternatives Wind Farm: Head over to the trailer park next to the wind farm.
  • Tongva Hills: Search on the southern rocks of the stream under the waterfall
  • Mount Chiliad: Get a helicopter and find the way to the top of Mount Chiliad.
  • Grand Senora Desert: Move slowly to the side of the hills and reach Redwood Lights track at the southeast.
  • Raton Canyon: Pursue the way up to the viewing stage and search to the right side on the ground.
  • Grand Senora Desert: In the west, Trevor’s airstrip desert next to the oil derricks.
  • Vinewood Hills: Next to a Park ranger station, you will find one under a large rock in the Vinewood hills.
  • Paleto Bay: Look for a bench in the northern green park of a raised mound and search at the end opposite to the bin.
  • West Vinewood: Reach the rooftop by using a helicopter of the Gentry Manor Hotel. Now, look for the plant pot on the east side of the closest road.
  • Vinewood Hills: Head all the way through the North of Vinewood hills houses and search to the drain entrance.
  • Magellan Ave/ San Andreas: Reach the rooftop by using a helicopter of the Venetian Hotel. Then, search for the plant pot at the south side on the grass patch.
  • Pacific Ocean: Dive down next to a stone archway and significant group of sponges and then grab peyote.
  • Mirror Park: Search the peyote plant on the house reach porch in the latest development.


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